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I enjoy riding and working on my motorcycle, playing board games, and losing at pub trivia. I also enjoy podcasts and stand up comedy.

When I get an opportunity, I like to make apps that use the telephone system (voice or text), usually with twilio. I own a small collection of vintage electronics including a WP-75 Word Processor and a Model 117 Scintillator.

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From ten thousand feet: I've been making websites and web apps for about 10 years.

I really enjoing building exciting visual experiences, both on the web and via novel displays (projection, arduino controlled LED arrays, & billboards so far).

Currently I'm a Software Engineer at eBay working on the desktop and mobile homepage. I'm typically working on Node apps using Marko, a reactive, isomorphic Javascript UI framework.

From 2014 to 2016 I was a principal member and senior developer at PHHHOTO (now HYPNOCAM), a booth and social media app invented by the HYPERHYPER crew. I wore a lot of hats but mostly did backend work in Ruby on Rails, Node, a wee bit of Go, and a healthy dose of devops on AWS mixed in.

From 2012 to 2014, I did full stack development for HYPERHYPER. There's far too many projects to list here, but some of my highlights are below:

Prior to HYPERHYPER / PHHHOTO, I was as a freelancer and/or employee at several startups. They include Bundle (now Capital One Labs) and Finetune (a Pandora competitor). I've also worked with digital agencies such as Razorfish; and as a mobile web developer at MLB Advanced Media.

I earned my BA in Computer Science at Boston University.

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